Thursday, April 3, 2008


Let's far I've lost three starters and my closer to various injuries. Fortunately for me, someone else took Escobar off my hands before it became clear that what ailed him was career-threatening. Still, I will start the season with no Smoltz, no Kazmir, and I'll lose Putz on the fourth day of the season. Kinda rugged.

I'll try to make do with this rotation:

Chad Billingsley
Tom Glavine
Dustin McGowan
Oliver Perez
and...hmm....someone else

Kevin Gregg will close against lefties (look at his numbers, you'll see),
Jeremy Accardo against righties,
Broxton, Meredith and hmm....someone else....will have to setup.

In other words, I'm not worried yet. So far all indicators are that Smoltz and Kazmir will return before April is over, and Putz's injury doesn't appear to be all that serious. But if I lose another starter in April or early May, I may have cause for concern.

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