Saturday, February 23, 2008


"That's right," said Scott Hatfield, GM of the defending Eastern Division champion Darwin Finches. "Psychologically, at least, I feel like the Bronx Bombers. When I survey the landscape which is BARB, I realize that it's going to be really difficult to improve my club, which had the league's best record last season. The main improvement going to come from players like Khalil Greene, Aaron Rowand, Kelvim Escobar and Dustin McGowan---all of whom had career year in 2007 and figure to improve."

"In fact," commented Hatfield, "I find it difficult to even imagine a way to improve the quality of my planned lineup, which--interestingly enough---envisions players like Carlos Guillen, Jeff Francouer and Chad Billingsley as role players, rather than regulars. I will be fielding a lineup with five switch-hitters, which will give me a definite advantage in late-inning matchups. With a full year of Chone Figgins shuttling between 3B and LF, I see no reason why we won't score runs, or why my pitching staff, led by the bullpen, will be among the best in BARB."

"That's not to say that I'm guaranteeing a pennant," Hatfield allowed. "Things can happen. The other clubs in my division are very talented, and in a short series anything can go down. But there's no doubt in my mind that my needs are few. Right now, I'm looking for a veteran backup catcher, a fourth outfielder and a lefty reliever. That's it. I don't have to figure out who's going to play third (Frostbite), or who in my bullpen will be able to comb their hair, much less get the ball to the ninth inning (Brooklyn), or whether I can count on three of my projected starters (Bedard, Harden, Young) for a full season(Worcester)."

"Again, that's not to say that other clubs aren't talented. Yuma and Arizona both have better rotations than anyone in my division. Worcester and Brooklyn have a lot more infield depth, and for sheer muscle-bound slugging Las Vegas takes a back seat to no one. But I have a formula that works, and I'm going to stick to it. We're the new sheriff in town until someone else proves otherwise."


Andrew Haynes said...

Oh, believe me, I'm very happy with my third baseman. Ever heard of a guy named Edwin Encarnacion?

Matt Caskey said...

well umm i guess its nice to have role players (sarcastic tone). its also nice to have the leagues most potent offense to along with those three aces.

ejcMOABS said...

Sorry I was completely riddled with injuries across the board, including Zumaya, Mike Gonzalez, Tankersley, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. The real question is, how did you only manage to win the division by a few games? Brooklyn had the manager of the year! Also, it is ironic that what you need I have. Come talk to me if you are looking for the lefty (Marte), catcher (Molina), and whatever else you were looking for, i think you said SS, Peralta.

Scott Hatfield . . . . said...


I plan on meeting those needs through the draft. (slyly) Oh, and can I assume that Marte, Molina and Peralta will all be unprotected?

(Your point about huge injuries is well-taken. Based purely on the talent that's on the rosters, right now, Darwin should finish behind you and your brother. But we both know that some of the guys who hurt you last year won't be able to help you in the beginning of the year, and that's why Darwin was able to get into the four-team horse race)


The point is that I have enough depth that the guys I mentioned are spare parts....assuming they survive the draft, of coruse.

Also, the same analysis that I mentioned above suggests that, all things being equal, that you will score less runs than four other clubs. I think you guys put far too much stock in team speed, by the way: what leads to big points in Rotisserie baseball doesn't provide as big a boost in reality, and our simulation runs closer to the latter. I'd rather have Lance Berkman's bat than Carl Crawford's wheels. As I noted with your brother above, the simulation says I'll finish behind both of you if you can get 200-plus innings out of Bedard, Young and Harden. I'm skeptical.


Being good enough to still start for the Reds after being sent down to AAA is hardly a glowing endorsement. I'd much rather be in Brooklyn's shoes (Cabrera AND Blalock), Worcester's (Garret Atkins) or Darwin's (Chipper AND Chone) than in your booties. Last year, Casey Blake would've beat out Encarnacion.

BTW, the above simulation says it's your starting pitching that is your team's biggest weakness.