Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well, this will never happen again in my lifetime, so I have to mention it.

At this moment, Darwin has both the HR and RBI leader for both leagues. If Hamilton drives in a run today, he'll be halfway to 100 in May. Berkman's already got two hits (one his major-league-leading 16th bomb, a solo shot). It makes Chipper Jones look like the third-best stick on the Finches roster, even though Jones carries a major-league-leading .423 average to go with 11 HR. Oh, and David Ortiz went deep in Game 1 against the Brewers (7 HR, 32 RBI) and just scored a run in Game 2. Despite his slow start, 'Big Papi' is fourth in the AL in runs batted in.


ejcMOABS said...

wow your pitchers have been lights out... sarcasm. Maybe you can finally outscore me, but didn't Hamilton leave last night with a leg injury? And Chipper is sorely overrated and looks absolutely apathetic in some games (like the one right now). And yes he is on fire, but that flame is burning out very quickly.

Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

The story on Hamilton is that he is still sore from an attempted catch on Friday night and that he came out of Saturday's game (in which he had two hits) and plans to take Sunday off, then be back in action on Tuesday.

And, forgive me, but you are not objective where Jones is concerned. He's a Hall of Fame talent currently still playing at a Hall of Fame level. This is a guy who since the beginning of the 2004 season has hit .310, averaging 27 HR and 96 RBI per 125 games played, and I can live with the fact that he probably won't play 150 games this season.

BTW, as I type this, David Ortiz got his average above .250 with his second HR and fourth RBI of the game, for a total of 37. That mean I now have the top 3 RBI men in MLB in the center of my lineup. Pinch me!